Michael Michaud

Rosemary Necklace on Pearl Strand

In ancient Greece Rosemary was thought to improve the mind and memory and later came to signify remembrance. It was also featured at weddings as a sign of fidelity and was often carried in a bride’s bouquet. It is also a popular kitchen herb as its pungent flavor compliments lamb, poultry, fish and a variety of vegetables.

This necklace features a strikingly asymmetrical arrangement of rosemary-shaped links, joined with hinges for a natural, comfortable drape. A pearl half-strand completes the necklaces and adds a timeless special-occasion glamor.

Materials: The Rosemary pendant is cast in bronze, on a fresh water pearl strand.

Measures: Rosemary spray measures approximately 3.5" across and hangs 3" long, with curve varying based on length selected when clasping. Necklace adjusts from 16" to 18" with lobster clasp.

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