Sabbath-Day Woods

Sabbath-Day Woods is a surprisingly small, family-owned woodworking business located in Asheville, North Carolina. Each piece is designed to be used and enjoyed today, and tomorrow, and onward by future generations.
Desmond Suarez, lead designer and owner of Sabbath-Day Woods, is a second-generation woodworker who grew up creating sawdust with his father, a furniture maker. After spending most of his adult life crafting wooden furniture, Desmond transitioned his own business, Sabbath-Day Woods, into functional home artwork.
Devin Suarez, Desmond’s son and Sabbath-Day Woods’ lead craftsman, has both hands all in with the design and production of every handmade piece born in the workshop.
​Aaron Gonzalez is a family friend and fellow craftsman who assists Devin in production and keeps the lunch conversations on important topics like the origin of Fuji apples (it’s Japan) and the shop’s elevation above sea level (it’s 2,667 feet).

Looking for a particular style from Sabbath Day Wood's extensive collection?  We are happy to facilitate special orders.
​Give us a call at 215-862-1880 or email for additional information and recommendations !

Tall Dragonfly and Cattails Clock
Tall Dragonfly and Cattails Clock $199.00
Ginkgo Box Clock
Ginkgo Box Clock Sold Out
East of Appalachia Clock
East of Appalachia Clock Sold Out
Prairie Deluxe Mantle Clock
Prairie Deluxe Mantle Clock $399.00